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Sora Savoie's Romania Files | Week 19 | Homemaker and Language Killer

Romania/Moldova Mission

Sister Madison Savoie has been called to serve in the Romania/Moldova Mission. It is anticipated that she will serve for a period of 18 months beginning September 30th, 2015. This blog will document her journey and she looks forward to sharing it with you. 

Sora Savoie's Romania Files | Week 19 | Homemaker and Language Killer

Madison Savoie

Hello Family and Friends!

Check it out, I'm a homemaker! Those sticky notes had no idea about their potential until I got a hold of them. #wifeme Haha! Just kidding - actually, it was my companion's idea, so I can't really take the credit...and the stickies were already on the wall as dots...BUT I was the one who rearranged and re-stuck them on the wall! 

Other than practicing my ever-wonderful homemaking skills, life on the mission just keeps going! I was sick this past week (uhuh uhuh) so I set up shop with some tea and books. Our mission is currently reading How to Win Friends and Influence People and it has been so fun to sit and read! (Pssst....look! More stickies! My idea!)

Despite all the reading and language study, I have still managed to say some pretty dumb things on my mission...

Language Mistake #1: The Dead Husband

So, when I speak Romanian, I try really hard to fit in with the Romanians. I try. Really hard. However, sometimes, I don't understand what they say! A few weeks ago this woman told me that her husband had recently passed away and that she went to his funeral in Brasov. However, the only words I picked out were "I went," "husband" and "Brasov" and because she was speaking so fast and so animatedly I figured it had to be a happy story about her having recently visited her husband in Brasov! So I said: Wow, ce tare! Ma bucur! 


Translation: "Wow! That's so cool. Congratulations!" in reference to her dead husband. You guys. My companion hit the floor she was laughing so hard. -_- Ugh! This language! 

Language Mistake #2: That Non-Existent Word

We visited our favorite family (Cristina, Cristian, and Cristiana) this past week! I absolutely adore them. Being with them is literally like being with family and now we even have inside jokes! So, we were in the kitchen with them making pasta and they were telling me all the names of foods so I could learn them in Romanian. When they pointed to the mushrooms I was like "Oh! I know this one! Caparciunia!!" Everybody stopped, looked at me, and then Cristina just started laughing so hard and I could not understand why! Finally, when she caught her breath, she said "that's not a word! But you said it like you were so sure! Oh my gosh, I have to write it down!" She got out an expo marker and wrote it on their kitchen wall. Now, every time they need a laugh, she just says caparciunia and everybody cracks up. 

Side Note! Our Golden Family is AWESOME

Our lesson with them that night was amazing! We asked them if they'd had a chance to read from the Book of Mormon, Cristina got super excited and rushed out of the room and came back with her BoM and the restoration pliant we had left in it (fun fact that makes the story cooler: we only left one pliant and it was that one in her BoM). She flipped to the picture of Joseph Smith receiving the priesthood and told us that she had had a dream about that picture 3 years ago and that seeing it in the pliant was an answer to her prayers! She knew that we were her angels sent to her! It was so cool. Then Cristina made the comment that she "feels like she's known us longer than this is that possible?" That led to us talking about pre-earth life, but that lead to a discussion about reincarnation, so, we'll have to go over that lesson again. BUT, so cool, right?? 

Language Mistake #3: Not Everything is "Bine"

Note: The following are real accounts of real conversations I have had on my mission. When in doubt, I smile, nod, and say "bine" which means "good." That is not always the best response. 

Person: I've been sick this past week.

Me: Okay, bine!

Person: I'm sorry, I'm deaf. 

Me: Okay, bine!

Person: My sister doesn't want you coming to our house because she thinks you're from the devil.

Me: Okay, bine! 

Missions, while hard and terribly frustrating at times, are seriously the best. I love it here and the people of Romania and Moldova are wonderful. I can't believe it's already been 4 months! WHAT?!


Anyways, I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Love and miss you all!

Cu drag,

Sora Savoie

PS - Have you seen this video? It's so cute! This week, think about who God has given you to love.