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Sora Savoie's Romania Files | Week 23 | Happy Mărțișor!

Romania/Moldova Mission

Sister Madison Savoie has been called to serve in the Romania/Moldova Mission. It is anticipated that she will serve for a period of 18 months beginning September 30th, 2015. This blog will document her journey and she looks forward to sharing it with you. 

Sora Savoie's Romania Files | Week 23 | Happy Mărțișor!

Madison Savoie

Hello Family and Friends! 

Happy Mărțișor! Or, in other words, Happy Little March! The month where all of Romania celebrates love by giving women little red and white bracelets and Zambilă flowers! It is said that these little bracelets bring strength and health to the wearer all year long and is a sign of the coming of Spring! Ce draguti, da?? So, naturally, I had to get a bunch of them....



The Gifts of Mărțișor

These mărțișor gifts for Sora Elliott and me are from our English students. It was the sweetest thing! They all came to class on Tuesday night with so many little bracelets and flowers for us! It was so wonderful and I felt so loved! I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but Sora Elliott and I are each wearing almost 25 bracelets on our arms. 

Four Families And Counting...

SO. I think I've mentioned in earlier emails about the families Sora Elliott and I are teaching. This week, we found a fourth family and they are beautiful! We feel so blessed to be welcomed into the lives of such phenomenal people. We went to their house on Sunday night where they cooked us dinner (a healthy one, hallelujah!) and we talked to them about the Book of Mormon and about finding happiness as families and as individuals. It was an amazing night. Their daughters even Instagramed a picture with us. #sisterselfie

This is me with Maria and Mihaela. Their mom, Madalina, is from our English class and she and her husband Ionut invited us back next week to talk more about the gospel. It was so exciting talking with them on Sunday. The dad liked us so much that he even left to get his neighbor and bring him to the conversation! It was awesome. Definitely a top ten mission moment. 


This lovely lady was baptized this past week! She has been an investigator in the church for almost a year and Sora Elliott and I had the pleasure of being the final missionaries to commit her to baptism and be there for her special day. It was wonderful! Congratulations, Alexandra!

That's all for now. love and miss everyone so much! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a very Happy Mărțișor! 

Cu drag,

Sora Savoie

PS - Does anyone else see the uncanny similarity between Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Paul McCartney...? I can almost hear Elder Holland's voice: And then Christ said to Judas Iscariot (and here I take some scriptural liberty): Hey Jude(as), let it be.