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Romania/Moldova Mission

Sister Madison Savoie has been called to serve in the Romania/Moldova Mission. It is anticipated that she will serve for a period of 18 months beginning September 30th, 2015. This blog will document her journey and she looks forward to sharing it with you. 

Sora Savoie's Romania Files | Week 43 | Gardens and Books

Madison Savoie

Hello Family and Friends! 

This past week I befriended a Romanian book curator by the name of Bogdan. Do you know what happens when you befriend a Romanian book curator by the name of Bogdan? 

You get to visit his workshop. 

I have never felt more like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. When we went to his workshop, Bogdan showed us all of the books he's been working on for the past twelve years. He has taken books in a variety of languages and restored them for local museums and libraries. Some of these books are older than my country, and I got to hold them! It was a dream come true. While we were discussing books, Bogdan showed us some theses he has written over religion and we got to talking. One thing led to another and in the upcoming week we'll be bringing him a copy of the Book of Mormon...and we'll get to hold more books! :)

In other news, my family sent me the most American care package ever! 

I absolutely love my American flag! I've got it in our apartment right next to all my Romanian study aids and Russian nesting dolls. We have quite the collection in my home. 

Now, unfortunately I don't have a better photo than this, but we visited a family this past week whose garden was absolutely gorgeous! 

It's rained here recently and their garden was flourishing. It was like being in a little Romanian jungle. The family that we visited is wonderful. They, while not members themselves, currently have a son who is on a mission and they love inviting the missionaries over for lessons and an evening of great conversation. Please keep them in your prayers! They are wonderful and their son is such a blessing to our little branches here in Romania. :) 

And last, but certainly not least...

Sora Chandler and I love all of you! Have a fantastic week!! :) 

cu drag,

Sora Savoie