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Romania/Moldova Mission

Sister Madison Savoie has been called to serve in the Romania/Moldova Mission. It is anticipated that she will serve for a period of 18 months beginning September 30th, 2015. This blog will document her journey and she looks forward to sharing it with you. 

Sora Savoie's Romania Files | Week 46 | Welcome to Brasov!

Madison Savoie


I hope everyone is doing well! Transfers came out this week and I have been moved from the quiet little town of Sibiu to...

In case you are wondering, I did not take that picture. I only arrived here about two or three hours ago, so right now I'm just getting settled in! I'll be sending pictures over of all my adventures here within the next week, though. 

As for the lovely little Sibiu, saying goodbye this morning was absolutely heartbreaking. Sibiu was one of the most challenging areas I've ever served in, but it was one of my favorites. The people I served with there have become some of my absolute best friends and saying goodbye to them was exceptionally hard. 

Sora Chandler became one of my best friends from day one. She is one of the most amazing missionaries I have ever had the pleasure of serving with. I will miss her so much! 

Robert looked out for me while I was in Sibiu. He always had my back and now he's headed to Cluj for college! He's going to do amazing things there and I know that we'll meet up again soon. 

Eugen...well, I don't think he'll ever change. He "proposed" to me before I left, but I told him he had to ask my mom for permission. We'll see how that goes...


We can't forget about Elder Jerome, Elder Jardine, Elder Purcell and the rest of the crew who, really I only got to know for two or three days, but I love them too! 


I've been thinking this past week a lot about changes that happen in our lives. Missions are all about growth and change and embracing the unknown, but sometimes that's a really hard thing to accept, let alone embrace. One of my best friends from home wrote me an email with a great talk in it by Elder David A. Bednar called Accepting the Lord's Will and Timing. I especially like the following quote from it: 

Strong faith in the Savior is being accepting of His will and timing in our lives—even if the outcome is not what we hoped for or wanted.

I had the pleasure today of talking with a woman on the train into Brasov. We were talking about her family and faith, among a variety of other things. We spoke in a mixture of Romanian and English because, while she was born in Romania, she has been living in the United States for the last two or three decades. One of the things we talked about was faith. What does it mean to live a faithful life? How do you help people believe in something they cannot see and how do you ask them to sacrifice and be submissive to a power that they can only believe is real? We came to the following conclusion: We have faith because it is so much easier to live with it than without it.

I love the following quote from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:  

Just because we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, or the positive outcome to the challenging situation, doens't mean that it doesn't exist. In this battle of life where we face our fears and doubt our doubts, I know that when we have faith in Jesus Christ, we will always come out victorious. 

I love and miss you all and hope that each of you has a wonderful week!

cu drag,

Sora Savoie


The Companionship Item

Sora Chandler and I got t-shirts made with our most frequently used phrase from the transfer. My word was ridiculous and hers was yo welcome! Haha! I can't wait until we can wear those when we are together again! :)