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Romania/Moldova Mission

Sister Madison Savoie has been called to serve in the Romania/Moldova Mission. It is anticipated that she will serve for a period of 18 months beginning September 30th, 2015. This blog will document her journey and she looks forward to sharing it with you. 

Sora Savoie's Romania Files | Week 60 | Light The World

Madison Savoie

Hello Friends and Family,

Well...where do I even begin? These past three weeks have been particularly challenging. I guess you could say that I kind of hit a wall. Or, as one of my best friends told me this past week: "Sora Savoie, I think the wall hit you." I don't know what it is about missions, but they are hard. I wish I could explain it better, but on missions you can't help but see your weaknesses and wish they were anything but what they really are. They are the life experience that is literally tailored to your every weakness. And then squashes them, twists them, breaks them, and then reforms, remolds, and reshapes them into something usable. Not only usable, but useful. Beneficial. Beautiful even. The process of getting there though is....well, its a process. C'est la vie. Asta e viata. Such is life. The great thing about experiences like these, though, is that it shows you the love and support of family and friends who want nothing more than your happiness and success. And that is awesome. 

This Christmas season we have an initiative to Light the World. If you haven't seen the video yet, please go watch it and share it with as many people as you can!

I've been thinking this week of different ways that I could Light the World with Sora Anderson, and this week I'm focusing on gratitude. I'm focusing on showing and sharing gratitude with everyone I meet.  

Love all of you and I'll talk to you next week! 

cu mare drag,

Sora Savoie